May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only
May 2024 Details - PDF only

May 2024 Details - PDF only

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If you have missed the May Details then don't worry! 
This product contains the monthly details for May in PDF only Format

Get the the details which are have been posted in May on Instagram!

Important: The month goes from the 5th to the 5th! If you are unsure which details contains in this package then send us an email or message!

These details are a great tool for all interior designers, architects and students to save time and have all details ready to be modified to their own design.

You will receive 1:2, 1:5 and 1:10 details with description, notes and dimensions!

This is the PDF only package. If you are looking for the PDF & CAD files then please check out the April Details - PDF & CAD product.

Please read before purchasing:

• Designs are basic templates aimed at saving designers' time

• All detail templates are for design purposes only

• Templates should not be used for construction without professional consultation

• Designers should verify country regulations before applying designs to projects

• Objects like cooktops, ovens, or curtain rails in CAD drawings are simplified and not linked to specific products 

• Not every single item is dimensioned. The book includes only standard dimensions for typical kitchen heights, Cabinet handle sizes, Bench top heights, standard joinery depth etc. However, with the CADs you can measure everything with the CAD software, as all details are drawn true to size unless noted otherwise

• Measurements are shown in mm and inches

• CAD Files are all in DXF and DWG format and should be compatible with Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD etc.

Refund Policy:

Kindly note that refunds are not offered for digital products.

Copyright Notice:

The contents of this ebook, including all CAD files, images, and designs, are protected by copyright law. Reproduction, distribution, or resale of any part of this ebook, including the CAD templates, is strictly prohibited without the explicit permission of the author. By accessing and using the CAD templates provided in this ebook, users acknowledge and accept the terms of this disclaimer and copyright notice.

If you are facing any issues with the download or the PDF and CAD itself then please send me an email to with your order number and I will respond to you ASAP


If you purchase the Digital Book, you will receive a digital download via email with the products which can be downloaded instantly.

If you purchase the Room Design services, you will receive an email with the next instructions.

Please contact if you haven't received any emails. Also make sure to check your spam email.

Please note, there won't be any refund, as we offer products and services which are digitally only.